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Paint Correction in Lincoln

Completed at the OJ Studio

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What does paint correction achieve ?

Paint Correction is a process that aims to enhance your vehicles paintwork by reducing the appearance of swirl-marks and scratches, whilst increasing gloss & clarity. A paint correction will also restore faded paintwork.

Remove swirl marks
by up to 95%

Reduce scratches

making them less visible.

Increase gloss & clarity
and restore paint fading.


The Single Stage   From £649 (Inc VAT)

Single-stage correctional machine polish using diminishing polish compounds to achieve paint correction without dulling its finish.


  • Remove 60-70% of swirl marks.

  • Reduce the visual appearance of scratches & etchings.

  • Increase paint clarity, gloss & depth.

  • Restore faded paint.


From £649 (Inc VAT)

Looking for a higher correction?

We'd recommend the Two Stage👇🏼


The Two Stage   From £889 (Inc VAT)

Two-stage correctional machine polish using a heavy cutting compound, followed by a refining polish to achieve a higher correction without dulling its finish.


  • Remove 90-95% of swirl marks.

  • Further reduce, or eliminate the visual appearance of deeper scratches & etchings.

  • Increase paint clarity, gloss & depth.

  • Restore faded paint.


From £889 (Inc VAT)

Add-on services:


Full Wheel Coating   £179

Wheels removed and thoroughly cleaned before being coating both the faces, barrels & painted callipers. Wheel arches are also deep cleaned & dressed.


Interior Detail £79 onwards

Treat your interior to a meticulous detail, to achieve the ultimate showroom finish. Paired with a paint correction, your vehicle will look better than new.

Ferrari 430_edited_edited.png

Engine Bay Detail £49

Revive your engine bay. detail, where the top-level components safely cleaned & dressed using a combination of brushes & equipment.

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