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Deepest of Deep Cleans

See what we're really capable of...

Van Transformations

The ones that took some serious elbow grease...

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Deep-Clean Transformations . . .

Farmer's Workhorse

This Land Rover Discovery was left looking, and smelling, like new again after a modest 5 hours of cleaning.

The interior was fully cleaned, and rubber mats were dressed. A wet-vac was even taken to the driver's footwell and tailgate to extract the deeply engrained mud. One clean car and one happy farmer 👨‍🌾

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Equestrian's Daily

A whopping 11 hours were spent on this VW Passat, 9 of which were spent on the interior alone... Yes, you read that right.

Each square inch of this vehicle was deep cleaned, and then deep cleaned again, including the carpets below the mats to bring this vehicle up to a sellable condition. 

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